Metal Mickeys legacy

So why do the Piates mcc have a diamond and a 3 piece patch

well its all down to this man

Metal Mickey

It was Metal mickey that got the 3 piece patch and diamond
from the HA for the Pirates back in the early days of the Pirates

Up until recently The Pirates were one of the few MCC that held the
3 piece patch and Diamond

SO you can see we hold Metal Mickey up on high and wear his Ride Free patch
in resepect of a great Man




The orginal patch was modernished in 2012
as the Pirates moved from Southampton to Poole

PRE 2012

pacth1 patch2

you will also notice the 5 year badge that was followed by a 10 year below the diamond
this was updated to a 15 year badge and recently a 20 year badge
to show as a memorial of the founding of the Pirates MCC
from what formally known as the River Pirates



POST 2012
patch 3  patch4

As you can see our 3 piece is located on the left side  of our colours
denoting an MCC as if it wa son the Right it would denote a MC


2018 denim cut

2018 denim patch showing the new PFFP patch

PFFP     d    ds

This patch has been adopted and repleaces the Diamond
to distance us from main line MC Clubs
and the politics that goes along with them