We are not a support club, although we have the greatest respect for
all our Brothers in all M.C.C and M.C Lifestyles
True Brotherhood knows no limits


Pirates MCC were founded in 1997

The Club Motto we have adopted in the last 5 years is
Meine Ehre Heisst Truee- My Honor Is Loyalty


Our aim is simple - our lifestyle is dying, soon if things continue
we might be unable to bring on-board youngsters
that want to start as we all did so many years ago,
so we have decided to help them as others did in the past for us

Unlike so many today we are old school, we still use old school
ideals and respect and we hope to show this to
newcomers and old brothers alike

NEW PATCHS                             OLD PATCHS


now                                              older2





our patch will remain as above, the round badge
and rockers , but we reserve the right to change this if we
feel that it would help promote the biking lifestyle as a whole,
of course after seeking the correct permissions

We are unsure whether we will be wearing Dorset yet,
this could be deemed as politics and this is something
we want to stay well away from

Although we are a male only Brotherhood, we in the past had
lady members and although none of us had any problems with it,
politics got in the way and nearly killed the Pirates.
so we wish it to be known that we have the

greatest respect for all our sisters and their clubs and
sisterhoods that are out there who do a great job of
promoting the lifestyle, we wish to move

along with them to promote the lifestyle in
blending ideas and thoughts

and the Last word - we may be old,
but we have long memories of many clubs and

what has happened over the years, leave us alone
and we will leave you alone. the

past is best forgotten and we all need to
start moving as one force to promote our

lifestyle and lift it out of the gutter so to speak
and show people we will not be abolished,

belittled or bullied. its time to put away our differences
and be one with the lifestyle we choose


In 2018, we had the pleasure of having the gosport boys
joining us, its so nice to have such a great group of lads
with the same old skool ideals as a part of The Pirates


old flag




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